Friday, February 5, 2016


There was a cap seller in a city. He used to go from village to village to sell the caps. His way lay through a forest.
It was a hot summer day and it was very hot. He got tired. To get some rest he sat under a shaded tree.
Soon he fell asleep under the shadow of the tree. Many monkeys were living on that tree. When they saw the caps they climbed down the tree and each one of them put a cap on their head. Then they climbed up the tree again.
The cap seller woke up after some time. He found that his caps were missing. By chance he looked up and saw the monkeys wearing his caps. He tried his best to get his caps back but all his efforts were in vain.
Suddenly an idea struck his mind. He took off his own cap and threw it on the ground. Monkeys did the same as they are imitators. The cap seller collected all his caps and went away happily.
Intelligence works wonders.


A farmer had five sons. They were all lazy. The farmer wanted to see them as hard-working young men. He was worried about their future. One day he fell ill. He was on his death-bed. He called his sons. He told them that there was a treasure hidden in his fields. He passed away the same day.
The sons went to the fields. They dug up every inch of the fields. They did not find the hidden treasure. After a few days, it rained heavily. Someone advised them to sow seeds in the fields. They did the same. They got a good crop. They became rich. Now they understood the value of hard work. They got the hidden treasure from the fields in the form of good crops.
Moral: No pains no gains or work is its own reward.

A friend in need is a friend indeed MORAL STORY

Mohan and Sohan were friends. They lived in a village. Once they made a plan to go to Varanasi. They passed through a forest. Wild animals lived in that forest.
On the way, they saw a bear. Sohan was selfish. He climbed up a tree to save his life. Mohan could not climb up the tree. He lay down on the ground. He held his breath. The bear smelt him and took him to be dead.
He went away. Sohan came down. He asked Mohan "What was the bear speaking in your ears?" Mohan replied, "He advised me to beware of those friends who run away in time of danger".
Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.


A thirsty crow was looking for water it found a pitcher with little water at the bottom its beak did not reach the level of water then it began to drop pebbles into the pitcher the level of water was at last up the crow drank water.
Expanded Story: On a summer day, a thirsty crow was flying here and there in search of water. There was no water anywhere in sight. At last; the crow saw a pitcher lying nearby. But it had little water at the bottom.
The crow inserted its beak into it, but the level of water was so low that it did not reach there. The crow saw a heap of pebbles at a distance. Now it began to pick the pebbles by its beak and drop them, one by one, into the pitcher. In doing so, the level of water rose up.Now the crow was able to drink water from the pitcher and quenched its thirst.
Moral: Necessity is the mother of invention.


Once a dispute arose between the sun and the wind. Each thought that it was stronger than the other. It was decided whosoever made the traveler take off his coat, would be stronger than the other.
The wind blew harder and harder. The traveler felt cold. He held on his coat tightly. Now it was the turn of the sun. The sun grew hotter and hotter. The traveler took off his coat. Thus the sun won.
Moral: Boasters, like the wind, lick dust.


Once there lived a boy. He lived in a small village. He took out his sheep for grazing every day. He would go to a nearby jungle. One day he thought of a mischief.
He climbed up a tree and shouted, "Help! Help! A wolf is coming". The villagers rushed to his help. They found no wolf there. The boy laughed at them. He said that he had cried for the sake of fun.
The villagers went back. On another day, he repeated the joke. The villagers again came to help him. They found no wolf. One day a wolf actually came there. The boy shouted for help. No one came to his help. The wolf killed him and his sheep also.
Moral: Once a liar, always a liar