Monday, May 16, 2016

Where have your good old human qualities gone - Divine Quotes

Divine quotes

Where have your good old human qualities gone? 

Truth, tolerance, morality, discipline - when would you accept them? Arise, awake! Establish the Kingdom Divine (Rama-Rajya), resplendent with mansions of truth, right conduct, and peace. Remember and learn from the rule of divine personages, and their characteristics. Quench the burning flames of ignorance, peacelessness, injustice, and envy with the waters of love, forbearance, and truth. Love your fellow brethren.

Develop the feeling of mutuality. Sweep away all jealousy and anger.
All of you must realise your own faults and understand that there is no use in searching for faults in others. It is a mere waste of time; it also breeds quarrels.
So give up that trait. If you miss this opportunity, when will you ever do it? Don’t yield to dejection, but put an end to all the unrighteousness activities of your past. Repent sincerely and tread the path of prayer to God and doing good deeds, and develop brotherly love